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New tech would make PRB coal more valuable, but cheap coal is the Wyo advantage

Source: Star-Tribune Mar. 28, 2017 New technology can make Wyoming coal burn hotter, potentially helping the-cheap-to-produce Powder River Basin coal become competitive with high quality coal in the east. That’s the promise CBA Environmental made when Powder River Basin coal was used in a demonstration of a new drying technique last week in Kentucky. It’s billed as a seven-minute drying and treating process that will produce cleaner-burning coal, less coal ash and a higher-quality product. The technology was unveiled before lawmakers, power companies and port operators Wednesday and Thursday in Appalachia. CBA and its main competitor, Clean Coal Technologies, say their technology is tested and ready, and their sights are set on the sagebrush landscape of northern Wyoming. The push for new coal technology has found a political advantage in recent months as leaders from the new president down continue to make promises to save coal. Though those in coal areas in Wyoming know well that natural gas and automation also vex their industry, the hope for new avenues for coal is increasing, from Gillette to Washington, D.C. What that means for Wyoming’s industry is hard to tell. A year ago, companies were filing for bankruptcy and laying off workers. Though the coal industry is stabilizing at lower production levels, any new technology would require financial investment. *** Entrepreneurs are selling hard in Wyoming. The founders of Clean Coal Technologies meet today and Tuesday with Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King, local economic development partners and officials from BNSF railroad in an attempt to move the CCT test facility from the Midwest to the Cowboy State. Eventually, coal companies will either use... read more

‘Highly likely’ coal plant coming to Gillette

Clean Coal Technologies Inc. begins application process for commercial plant, likes Gillette A New York-based coal research firm is closer to locating its test plant and a commercial plant near Gillette after a recent visit to the area. Clean Coal Technologies Inc. had been testing its patented coal dehydration process on Powder River Basin coal at a power plant in Oklahoma, and now is in the fast lane to not only test on coal from around the world, but to begin selling its enhanced product overseas. Read more... read more

Betting on potential: Wyoming could become home for coal refining process

Source: By GREG JOHNSON NEWS RECORD MANAGING EDITOR A process that promises to refine coal into a cleaner-burning fuel while increasing its Btu value by about a third could soon find a home in Wyoming.Clean Coal Technologies Inc., a New York-based energy services company, has completed a test of its process at an Oklahoma coal-fired power plant and is working to move on to the next phase of testing by relocating to Wyoming or Montana, said Clean Coal CEO Robin Eves. Read More... read more

Have new companies perfected dry coal, and can it save the industry?

Feb 12, 2017

Businessman Bruce Bruso sat down last week and wrote a frustrated letter to a senator in Kentucky championing what he believes is the future of Wyoming and Montana’s Powder River Basin coal.

The secret that will save coal is to dry it out, he said.

“It’s important that you understand,” Bruso wrote to Sen. Mitch McConnell. “If you want to save the coal industry, you need to look at technology that is real, common sense.”

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New coal enhancement company eyes Wyo


Feb 07, 2017

Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (CCTI), having spent the last ten years developing a process that will make coal both economically and environmentally viable, wrapped up testing nine months ago and is wanting to quickly move to the next phase of development.

The process that finished testing in Oklahoma used Powder River Basin coal, which already has the lowest sulfur and ash content of domestic coals. But the BTU content is lower, in part because of the high amount of water contained in the coal.

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Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC): A Play On Clean Energy

Oct 04, 2016

Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC) just restructured their stock and a signed letter of intent signed with a leading U.S. corporation (rumored to be General Electric) that intends to invest $6 million in the Company to fully fund, design, engineer and deploy CCTC’s patented technology around the world. The agreement will also result in the investor acquiring the current convertible notes outstanding with Black Diamond Financial Group. In exchange, CCTC will issue 70% of its equity to the investor. That is why we’ve seen the stock start to trade higher on heavy volume at end of September. Clearly, the firm receiving 70% of the equity of CCTC has an interest in and expect that the stock will trade significantly higher.

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