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Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC): A Play On Clean Energy

Oct 04, 2016

Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC) just restructured their stock and a signed letter of intent signed with a leading U.S. corporation (rumored to be General Electric) that intends to invest $6 million in the Company to fully fund, design, engineer and deploy CCTC’s patented technology around the world. The agreement will also result in the investor acquiring the current convertible notes outstanding with Black Diamond Financial Group. In exchange, CCTC will issue 70% of its equity to the investor. That is why we’ve seen the stock start to trade higher on heavy volume at end of September. Clearly, the firm receiving 70% of the equity of CCTC has an interest in and expect that the stock will trade significantly higher.

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Clean, Green and Pristine

Source: World Coal
June 08, 2016

The world is attempting to move towards a more ‘green’ environment to avoid catastrophic climate change. And while this effort has resulted in energy-producing technologies that are more efficient and ‘cleaner’, it has yet to unearth a green energy source (or sources) that can completely fulfil the world’s ever-increasing energy demand.

Despite the negative sentiment against fossil fuels (coal, oil, shale and natural gas), these fuels played a key role in the western world’s industrial development and modernisation. Today, the developing nations of Asia and elsewhere are following the model of Western capitalism and free market economies. The creation of new jobs, wealth and a growing middle class in these regions is creating an exponential increase in energy demand.1 Many of these nations are endowed with indigenous coal resources and are forced to use these resources to meet their energy demands. Unfortunately, most of those opposing the use of these energy sources are merely discussing the problem and its ramifications while an economical solution has yet to emerge.

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The Importance of Clean Coal Technologies

March 21, 2016

The Investing News Network had the chance to speak with Robin Eves, president and CEO of Clean Coal Technologies, about the company’s technology and what cleaner coal means for the future of power generation.

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New Tech Could Give Coal a Scrubbing Until Renewables Are Ready

Source: WIRED
March 07, 2016

NO MATTER HOW you feel about coal, you can’t deny that it is very dirty stuff. Nor can you argue that our electrified society is anywhere near ready to run without it. Until renewables scale up and become storable—available after sunset and between breezes, in other words—coal will continue to supply a big part of the world’s energy.

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Clean Coal Technology Market Growth, Trends, Absolute Opportunity and Value Chain 2015-2025 by FMI

Source: Future Market Insights
February 17, 2016

Coal remains an important source of energy for the world and the demand is growing rapidly in many developing countries as they enjoy long-overdue economic growth. Over the 50 years from 2000 to 2050, demand might double to exceed 7000 million tonnes of coal equivalent and so account for almost 30% of the world’s primarily energy supply, up from todays 25%. Although newly imposed policies coupled with stricter emission regulations are in favour of renewable sources, coal is expected to remain a vital source for global power generation. However, there will be pressure to exploit this resource in the best possible manner to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. New and stricter emission regulations imposed on coal-fired power plants have forced plant operators to divert towards cleaner and more efficient technologies such as clean coal technology and boost the global clean coal technology market.

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